What Must End, What Must Begin

War must end.  Competition must end.  Waste must end.

Peace must begin.  Cooperation must begin.  Bounty must begin.

Individual exploration must begin. Colonization of space must begin.

Capitalism must end.  Poverty must end.  Greed must end.

Selflessness must begin.  Equality must begin.  Compassion must begin.

Being rich must end.  Being poor must end.  Premature death must end.

Clean free energy must begin.  Naturalism must begin.

Life must begin, again.

John Pontious 8/21/2011

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4 Responses to “What Must End, What Must Begin”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    I am awed by the perception and clarity of johnpontious. In six lines he seems to have summed up both the problem and the answer. I think it is overwhelmingly important that as he says “compassion must begin” And that will need to include the deposed rich power wielders and that small band of those ruthless faceless men who control the economy , the political sphere and the media in their entirety. For us post capitalist victors to fail to extend compassion and mercy (as well as stern control) over these people may well lead to a post capitalist society that is not no more free than this one and even more ruthless having thrown off the mask of pseudo democracy. .


  2. sekanblogger Says:

    This reminds me of something an experienced tool designer told me once: SIMPLIFY AND COMBINE.
    Have priorities and keep them simple.


  3. Don in Massachusetts Says:

    In 100% agreement.


  4. sekanblogger Says:

    Amen brother.


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