I Live in “Poverty” in the USA.

The road to a better world lies within each of us. We must explore our inner and outter environs and make the choices that lead to truth, life, and happiness, and not bury our heads in the sand. Days turn into weeks easily, so we must build into our inner lives these habbits and explorations. We must come to know ourselves intimately, and learn to accentuate our positive encounters with each other in order to foster compassion and good will. We must be vigilent for the emotions that are destructive to ourselves and others, and not take delight in belittling those of lesser understanding.

We must begin to see ourselves as a single people on a single, fragile planet. Most people throught the world have a tremendous capacity for compassion and understanding, and would see humanity solve some of our age old problems of equality, wealth distribution, quality of life, and finding true contentment and happiness in life. Try to treat each encounter with one another as a chance to change the world in a positive way, one person at a time.
john pontious


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6 Responses to “I Live in “Poverty” in the USA.”

  1. Charley Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ramadan krasniqi 2013.


  2. johnpnts Says:

    You’ve given me so much hope with your comment. Who are you, dude, and thanks for taking the time to read my urgent facts and my personal struggle. It means alot. Thank you sooo much. Please keep corresponding. I think we have a lot in common.
    John Pontious


  3. dirtdawg65 Says:

    If you don’t mind me calling you dude. This blows my mind. Reading what you’ve written and feeling that familiar whisper of days gone by. I remember the days in the back yard on the farm playing music into the evening, partying until dawn and living life like there was no tomorrow. So much time and so many changes but still we are, here we are, so different yet unchanged. Man. Deep words. Words of life experience that didn’t always turn out as we had planned. In those days we could barely keep our eyes open, yet if they were wide open could we see what we do today? I’ve spent a long time echoing the words I see written on your page and in all that time I have yet to find an audience that would listen or stop to take the time to consider life, consequences, and choices that could make this world a place beyond our wildest dreams. But that would cause a ripple in the pond called profit. It would require the reassessment of value and things cherished. What is a piece of paper that it has the ability to bring to his knees, men, whose back or knees would not bend in the face of the gravest threat? Who is the man that sets the value of that piece of paper that tells me my life has little or no value because I have not, could not, jump through the hoops that he set before me? Who are these people that surround me that think they are free, yet cannot see the shackles that hold them fast as surely as the chains of the slaves that we believe we have banished to the pages of history?

    I saw Mark play for Susan Ashton years ago in Tulsa. God that was over 15 years ago. How time passes. I talked to him after the show without realizing who it was until I was on my way home. It had been so long since those days on the farm. I’ll leave you to wonder…for now. Peace and continued joy in those simple things.


  4. sekanblogger Says:

    I really miss the days when I had time to be a better friend to you. I wish I was in a position to help out, but I face many of the same challenges. I hope that someday I get to know your family and we can spend some time together.

    You might like this painting by my cousin Wayne who grew up in Coffeyville:


    • johnpnts Says:

      Tracy, you.ve always been a great friend, and knowing that I have friends of such high caliber makes me a rich man indeed!



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