In “Free Energy Now”, published in 2009 on WordPress, I warned of several scenarios in which the Arctic and Antarctic ice melt could be catastrophic in nature rather than slow and stately, as was assumed before global warming was accounted for. It is now clear that the Arctic Ocean, which contains 15% of the planet’s ice, will be ice-free by the summer of 2021, a mere 7 years from now! Additionally. I reported in my blog that lakes of liquid water have been routinely vanishing overnight for several years now in the Antarctic, which contains 85% of the planet’s ice and is located just above current sea levels. This continent is larger than all of Australia, is inclined at an average angle of 30%, and the ice is nearly 2 miles high on average. Can one imagine this massive continental ice suddenly breaking apart and sliding into the ocean within a matter of hours? A worldwide tsunami would result, surely the worlds greatest catastrophe in modern times. This is very possible, and becomes more likely as we continue to ignore global warming and its cause, the burning of fossil fuels for the production of electricity for our power and locomotion for our vehicles. I will continue anew to attempt to convince anyone of the plan to move to Hydrogen immediately! Please, once again, I ask for all concerned to please support “Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right” as a starting point for a more human, more humane way of living on this tiny sphere and for our future generations! Thank you all!

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