Understanding and Urgency is Critical Now!


Understanding and urgency is coming from all walks of life to proclaim this huge elephant in the world that the majority of humanity appears to be either unaware of or not worried about! I am scientific and have followed hopelessly this accumulating crisis with mounting horror at the lack of concern comming from our so-called “leaders”, those who remain insulated from the “common man”. I have an equitable plan I have perfected over the years that could serve as a starting point for using hydrogen, the only benign energy carrier known, and built within this plan is a pledge from recipients, and it must be a majority of humanity that decides to do this. It will render great wealth obsolete and free the common and those who live in poverty. If accepted, Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right could begin the tremendous work of installing , testing new technology, more space-borne industry, and a free and limitless supply of cleanly produced electricity with only heat and pure drinkable water as waste! I would beg of you ten minutes to read the main manifesto, “Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right” at http://www.johnpnts.wordpress.com. Thank you my friends yet to become!

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