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To Speak of Class

April 4, 2014

To Speak of Class

To speak of class is to amplify and encourage the reality that we have all accepted  different “levels” of equality, and that market forces and income determine one’s level of “human equality”.  Class also allows for general acceptance of the notion that equality is inextricably and essentially tied to money and wealth.

Some camps of thought claim that they would actually let capitalistic and self-serving economics make this idea of equality equals income be the only measure of ones “worth”, while others would let nature take its course (as they see it) and only the strongest (wealthiest) individuals would be truly free to do as they like.

Today most assume a “fair” economic playing field, while in truth this game of economics is a chaotic clash of wildly differing cultural and nationalistic standards of equality and individual wealth income, a fundamentally unfair economic competition using differing and ever-changing rules.  This allows for organizations and wealthy individuals to exert their will and force in the form of money to influence and cement in place forever their own personal security, safety, and wealth.  Ever-increasing wealth and narrowing numbers of individual human beings controlling this wealth concentrate this vast pool of money into actions and uses for the sole purpose of security, luxury, influence, and ultimately control.

Control of what?

Control of that which generates the money– human’s state and national economies, consumptions, views, ways of life, national systems, and natural resources.  The largely  passive acceptance by the “under-informed populace”  helps to constitute the creation and acceptance by this carefully controlled and manipulated mass of humanity the embodiment of what could only be called “anti-equality”.  The simple phrase “money is the root of all evil” seems to fit here.

There has never been a natural need for a means of exchange that is artificial in nature, does not exist physically, and yet is clung to irrationally for the purpose of defining  “worth”.  The “worth” of  produced objects, food, water, machinery, heating, cooling, transportation, fuel, and energy, now more than ever in history, is defined by “mentally constructed ideas of supply and demand, artificially constructed “perceived need”, and artificially enhanced commercially driven human desires   Natural resources we commonly use to produce energy for combustion (burned) mechanical energy for transportation and heat energy (burning) of carbon exhaust-producing solid, liquid, gas, and radioactive substances proven deadly to humanity have distorted our collective intelligence about these proven dangers and fooled us into believing and basing our lives and pursuits on earning money to live at a “class level” that we believe we are deserving of.  The “Highest Class Level” is said to be available to anyone in the U.S. and is held up to the world as a good thing, and claims that only under American Capitalism and (ahem) Democracy can one find both equality and the ability and environment in which to become rich. “Live the American Dream!”

I myself, according to current  rates, am “worth” approximately $30/hr. when I wear my Professional Flooring Specialist hat (24 years owner/installer), $7.50/hr. when I work as Master Control Operator part-time at two commercial broadcasting stations, $10/hr. as general labor, and as much as $150 per player per gig when I perform in my original rock group Pontious Pilot.

Today, the measure of one’s “class” in society is entirely linked to money, the possession of wealth, fine possessions, homes, excess,  and any manner of extreme human behavior deemed “acceptable” by “lower” classes due to a perception that  wealth renders the wealthy above and immune to many laws, receive special treatment, etc.  The word “Class”, by its very definition subdivides humanity into at least 3 different and unequal groups that have varied over the centuries but remain firmly entrenched in our psyche.

True Human Equality would see the ideas behind these words become obsolete: Starvation, War, Poverty, Economic Inequality, Wealth, Corruption, Politics, Expensive, Cheap, Budget, Security, Arms, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Handguns, Premature Death, Casualties, Troops, Presidents, Capitalism, Genocide, Mass Murder, Senators, Representatives, Lobbying, Theft, Influence, and just keep going with everything else we know we do because of  selfish, self-serving emotionally-based reasoning.


March 31, 2014


In “Free Energy Now”, published in 2009 on WordPress, I warned of several scenarios in which the Arctic and Antarctic ice melt could be catastrophic in nature rather than slow and stately, as was assumed before global warming was accounted for. It is now clear that the Arctic Ocean, which contains 15% of the planet’s ice, will be ice-free by the summer of 2021, a mere 7 years from now! Additionally. I reported in my blog that lakes of liquid water have been routinely vanishing overnight for several years now in the Antarctic, which contains 85% of the planet’s ice and is located just above current sea levels. This continent is larger than all of Australia, is inclined at an average angle of 30%, and the ice is nearly 2 miles high on average. Can one imagine this massive continental ice suddenly breaking apart and sliding into the ocean within a matter of hours? A worldwide tsunami would result, surely the worlds greatest catastrophe in modern times. This is very possible, and becomes more likely as we continue to ignore global warming and its cause, the burning of fossil fuels for the production of electricity for our power and locomotion for our vehicles. I will continue anew to attempt to convince anyone of the plan to move to Hydrogen immediately! Please, once again, I ask for all concerned to please support “Free Energy Now, the Ultimate Human Right” as a starting point for a more human, more humane way of living on this tiny sphere and for our future generations! Thank you all!

The Greatest Speech Ever Given

December 26, 2011

The Greatest Speech Ever Given.

What Must End, What Must Begin

August 21, 2011

War must end.  Competition must end.  Waste must end.

Peace must begin.  Cooperation must begin.  Bounty must begin.

Individual exploration must begin. Colonization of space must begin.

Capitalism must end.  Poverty must end.  Greed must end.

Selflessness must begin.  Equality must begin.  Compassion must begin.

Being rich must end.  Being poor must end.  Premature death must end.

Clean free energy must begin.  Naturalism must begin.

Life must begin, again.

John Pontious 8/21/2011

Free Energy Now-Prelude

December 9, 2010


A Challenge to You: Prepare to Experience Truth

Dear Reader,

Throughout this short essay, I would implore you to take these words seriously.  Take these words to heart, and please be open to your innermost self.

You are a hypocrite.

There is no denying it, and the hardest part is knowing that you are hypocritical, and yet expect others to be non-hypocritical.

It’s OK.  

Every human being is a hypocrite.  Singly and in groups, we all say one thing and do another, and we all do it with the knowledge of our hypocrisy.  It is part of being human and may be a necessary product of our ability to form complex societies and relationships.  On grand scales involving many people, hypocrisy is responsible for war and death, bad governance, poverty, inequality, and the list goes on.

Do you believe that you, a seeker of truth, can be honest enough with yourself as a single human being to move your life, as you know it, in a different direction?

Does human compassion outweigh indifference?  Do “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the self”?

If we ever needed answers to these questions, the time is now.

Can you give up something?  Perhaps a way of life that you have envisioned for yourself? Could you replace that vision with a picture that includes more than yourself, in effect minimizing your ego and desires in order to achieve a higher purpose?  Would you use some of your short time on earth to truly contemplate a change in yourself and your outlook on life?

I ask these questions to you, whoever you are.  I don’t have the answers, but I am willing to ask you to think about where you are headed in your life as an individual, and as a member of a group of animals that now controls and changes the planet at will.

 I believe that humanity is ready for a fundamental change.  I hear it on the news, from my friends, on the internet, and almost everywhere I go.  It’s less of a conversation and more of a feeling, a gathering of forces unseen but palpable.  I feel a collective guilt, a feeling of selfishness, a circling of wagons as if our little group of societies were about to be attacked in some way.  It’s hard to explain, this feeling of impending change, but I can think of no better way to describe it.  It is the beginning of something, or the beginning of the end of something. 

I also feel great hope, as if I were a part of a grand and glorious new world in which we had become enlightened and more homogenous.  A world above petty and selfish “I have mine, get your own” thinking and actions.  A world obsessed, not with gathering and having the best “things”, but providing for each other and equalizing true happiness.  I have been compelled to contribute, in the best way that I can, an idea of a sustainable world that has passed the test of living together in harmony with each other and with nature, our life giver.  Unfortunately, my idea would require great change and sacrifice for all of humanity.

 I know and you know the truth.  The world has arrived at a crossroad.  To remain on our present path means that humanity will go silently into the night, and the lights will go out one by one as we perish.  Our greatest achievements will mean nothing, and will disappear and soon be erased by the universe.  The most advanced animals ever to evolve on earth will have foolishly and knowingly committed suicide.  It is entirely possible that this has happened before, perhaps on other worlds capable of evolving intelligent life.  This is the true test of intelligence, knowing that we have the ability to save ourselves but not the will to do so.  I have two children, and I cry every day.

Quiet your mind.  Close your eyes.  Feel your body.  Let your thoughts go away and melt into the collective consciousness.  Life is good.  Life is amazing.  Your mind is the most complex object on earth.  Emotions are unique, puzzling, and give meaning to life.  Love is a real thing and is all around you.  There is a Force, a power greater than yourself that is everywhere and every when.  It is the Force that gave birth to the universe, and is in and of the universe.  Meaning exists only as a home for love and life.  These are the good things.  Forget about details, religions, control, governments.  Remember that you are one with humanity.  We are all the same, capable of the best and worst.  Use your mind and have confidence that it will naturally lead you in the right direction by default.  Don’t believe in human interpretations that, by their very nature, change your innate ability to know right from wrong, good from evil, and life from death.  

You need help, as do I and anyone who cares about the future of our race.  Our time here has been short.  We as a species have been shortsighted.  We cannot continue in this manner, expecting to expand forever on diminishing resources and worsening global conditions.  We must each take individual responsibility for our actions and uses.  The government exists to serve the people, and we must remind our leaders of this.  It serves no one when there is no cohesion throughout the world.  It is ultimately up to we, the people, to challenge the present system that is attempting to direct us down the path of consumerism and greed, a path that leads to oblivion.

Please help me.  My original essay follows:

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